How cool is this? Singer Melissa Etheridge shown here with her wife Linda was at what was one of my favorite restaurants, "Sparky Town" (now closed) that sold my mugs and paintings and she bought one of my paintings! She was in town for a concert and was having lunch there and they decided that they liked my painting! I hope they tell all of their friends!
I have mugs and rice / noodle bowls for sale at Nature Tyme Health Food Store on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse.
I also have mugs and noodle bowls at Eureka Crafts in Armory Square, mugs at Clayscapes Gallery on W. Fayette St. in Syracuse, mugs in Sweet Salvage on the main street in Jamesville and Eve's Carriage Barn on Collamer Rd. in East Syracuse, pottery at Baliwick Café on Rte.5 in Elbridge and last but not least, mugs at the Syracuse Soapworks at 226 Hawley Ave, in Syracuse.
Go out and pick up some one of a kind presents for your special people!
The winner of the 2016 Hattie Burns Memorial Art Scholarship is Bailey McGowan. She was picked by her teachers at Liverpool High School because of her abilities and love of art. She will be going to the Maine School of Art in the fall. Thanks to all of you people, I was able to raise $2900 for her. She and her parents were very surprised and happy. I'll keep in contact with Bailey throughout the year to keep everyone apprised on her adventures!
I named the scholarship after my maternal grandmother Harriet (Hattie) Burns. She took a correspondence art course in the '20's that I used to love to look through as a kid. She died when my Mom was 8 years old so I never knew her but I think she basically started the whole Nichols art thing. Thanks Grandma!